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Peer ratings help you move up!

Employers believe how your co-workers rate your skills.


How It Works

Apply to a new job or
discover job suggestions.

Add your skills and ask your peers to rate them on Teamanics.

Teamanics matches your skills
to jobs and arranges interviews.

Accept the job of your choice
and keep growing your
career with Teamanics.

Teamanics is massively scaling the all-time favorite method of hiring

A personal referral, i.e. hiring someone because someone you trust vouches for them

Cross-industry careers
uplift income

Retail associate > bank teller
Industrial laborer > logistics coordinator
Native language speaker > bilingual admin


Don’t Worry – No one gets all 5 stars

Employers want to know your strengths.
Ratings are of your skills, not of you as a person.

Confidential and Private

Ratings are only shown to employers when
you are matched to a job. Peers cannot see
your ratings from others.

Join the Rapidly Growing Peer Network

Get a career path by growing your ratings across jobs and showcasing your new skills.

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Teamanics is a rapidly growing peer network that helps people get hired or move up based on skill ratings from current or past coworkers.
Teamanics is massively scaling the all-time favorite method of hiring - a personal referral, i.e. an employer hiring someone because someone trustworthy vouches for their skills.
Employers value peer ratings of skills because they confirm a worker's strengths. It leads to fast decisions.
Teamanics ratings are weighted based on credibility. Honest ratings highlight strengths. Our patented AI technology is hard to gamify with false ratings.
Teamanics is a start to finish career platform for getting a job. Teamanics avoids the overhead of staffing agencies, arranges interviews, and completes the process up to hiring.
Teamanics is backed by Metabyte, Inc., a leading technology services and staffing company since 1993. Direct hire workers get employed by the customer. Contingent workers get employed by Metabyte.
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